IT Consultancy

Consultancy advice can help you gain important business benefits from your business systems.

Abilisys has been providing consultancy services to clients of all sizes since 1986. We work with organisations of any size, from small startups to FT 100 corporations. We are an independent consultancy and our advice is objective, unbiased and impartial. We provide consulting services for all aspects of your Web and Information Technology systems, processes and projects.

Our IT and project management services are different because we understand both the technical side and the business side of Information Technology. We understand the impact your projects can have on your company’s productivity and finances and we know that your project has to mirror your business processes.

We use up-to-date methods and in-depth technical knowledge to achieve our goal: the provision of reliable and cost effective technical consultancy.

IT consultancy services

Our consultancy services are designed to help at any stage of the project life cycle.

Information technology management
From gathering your requirements to making sure the project’s architecture matches your business architecture.

IT project management services
Getting your technology projects on track as well as providing help if an existing project is not going according to plan. Working with your IT group, co-ordinating all the teams and making sure that the project is successful.

IT feasibility studies
Evaluating the practicality of a proposed new system and identifying the needs, the likely costs and the expected benefits.

Choosing a software tool
Helping with the selection of the right tool for the job, especially when trying to evaluate the complex options facing web and internet development projects.

Security consultancy
Sharply focused on delivering innovative security and privacy solutions through a combination of consulting services and managed security services. Our management capabilities constantly evolve as risks and threats evolve. We provide a full range of consulting services that help companies assess their environment, implement security and privacy technologies and educate and train management and employees.

Enterprise assessments
Broad-based assessments of technology infrastructure and operational effectiveness of enterprise systems, data security or privacy programs. Examining IT policy, platform decisons, security and privacy programs. Strengths and weaknesses are identified and recommendations for program improvements are described. Assessments can be tailored to address specific needs and concerns.

Site IT audits
Performing site audits of computing environments to determine the effectiveness, reliability, and maintainability of the IT infrastructure, software, processes, and user access.