A:SSIST™ – Abilisys: Solution Selection, Implementation, Support and Training

A:SSIST™ stands for Abilisys Solution Selection, Implementation, Support and Training. A:SSIST™ is our proven methodology for helping an organisation make the right choice when it comes to choosing a business system. Choosing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, or any other line-of-business solution is fraught with difficulties. As independent consultants, we offer objective and impartial advice on the choice of the right system. We have been working with CRM systems since 1986, and over that time we have developed unparalleled expertise in the field, helping clients in many industries to acquire, specify and customise the best solutions for their needs.

We have in-depth knowledge of all major CRM systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage CRM, and Sugar in the mid-market sector, and Act and Goldmine in the entry level arena. A frequent part of our brief is to advise the client on a switch from one system to another, in order to overcome scalability limits, or the restrictions of their present system.

Different departments face different demands – each functional area will have its own reporting requirement as well as needing to ensure that operations run smoothly. In order to perform effectively, staff at all levels need timely, accurate and concise data. While the right system can deliver this data with minimal effort, the wrong system can make retrieving this data nearly impossible.

Our A:SSIST™ methodology has been developed over many years and it combines our in-depth knowledge of available xRM and financial accounting systems with our detailed understanding of business needs. This allows us to advise you on what system best fits your organisation. A:SSIST™ is a four step approach to ensure that organisations choose and successfully implement the right system.

System needs assessment

We begin the process by performing an extensive analysis of your business functions. We measure transaction volume, examine business processes and define your reporting requirements. Our process takes into account existing systems and the need for any new solution to integrate at the appropriate level with the current IT infrastructure.

Selecting a new system

Based on the results of the needs assessment, combined with our experience, we develop a short list of appropriate systems and the modules that best suit your organisation’s needs. We review this list with your project team, discussing the pros and cons of each package. If requested, we also co-ordinate demonstrations from selected vendors to enable you to select the system that is most suitable. This can be taken further and be planned as a proof-of-concept for the candidate systems.

Implementation and customisation of accounting systems

This process begins by implementing the business requirements, working with the project team, other internal staff and the software vendor as appropriate. Configuration and customisation is carried out and we then ensure that any existing data is mapped and plan the data conversion process. Working with the chosen supplier, we organise technical assistance and installation of the new system, and then facilitate the transfer of all information from the old system to the new system. We help to identify a list of standard reports which will contain reports that should run on a regular basis. We also assist your staff in understanding the report generator so that they can easily generate ad-hoc reports.

An important part of the A:SSIST™ methodology involves helping your organisation with evaluating and developing an interface between external systems (e.g. order processing, e-commerce, payroll, etc) and your new business system.

Support and training

One of the largest concerns with any computerised system is ensuring that the regular users know how to maximise the capabilities of the system. We identify the most appropriate package of support for the selected system, combining on-site, hands-on training with help-desk telephone support. This may be direct from the vendor or through a partner network.

We can help you with your next software evaluation exercise

Finding the xRM system that meets the needs of your business, across the functional requirements, reporting needs and management demands is critical for success in the current environment. ASSIST™ will help you to weigh your options and to select and implement the right system.