Software Development

Abilisys has been developing high quality business software since 1986.

We deliver world class turnkey solutions which integrate with other business applications and can be extended throughout their working life.

Desktop application development

Abilisys creates custom applications that offer unique capabilities which generally cannot be satisfied by off-the-shelf software. By automating repetitive processes, improving data flow, centralising resources, and increasing accessibility, we help our customers save time, reduce costs, increase revenues and quickly gain access to information. We are experienced Macintosh and Windows developers.

Web & intranet development

Our team of web designers, programmers and content management specialists, builds high quality CSS based web and intranet applications.

Web applications are easy to implement and deploy across multiple platforms. They can prove very cost effective because of their reduced support and maintenance needs, their simplified architecture and the reduced performance needs of the end user system.

Rich internet application development – RIA

We build web and intranet applications with the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications.

Our highly functional and interactive browser based applications deliver higher levels of functionality and usability than traditional web applications. Many people believe that RIA will become the standard approach to application development in the future.

Mobile application development

We design and implement mobile web applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and a wide range of WAP mobile phones.

Our information architects specialise in designing navigation models for devices with limited screen sizes and interfaces for devices with limited data input capabilities.

Web & intranet development

Low software cost of ownership
Abilisys’s extensive software library of tried and tested routines enables us to improve the reliability of new applications and reduce development cycles.

Our software library allows us to develop custom business software more quickly and at lower costs.

High quality software developers and engineers

Developing software is a complex and multifaceted process calling for a blend of disciplines ranging from business process analysis to detailed technical execution. It needs good communication, creativity and high quality technical capabilities to deliver world class software solutions. Our skilled and focused software engineers and managers add value in many ways. They are professional, flexible, creative and energetic contributors to our success and help us deliver successfully on all our projects.

Effective software development methodology
Ability uses an evolutionary prototyping methodology called STEPS™ which:

  • Allows constant adjustments to be made to designs as development progresses
  • Encourages user participation and ownership
  • Results in applications that closely match user needs
  • Ensures we keep sight of our clients’ business goals
  • Allows applications to be developed quickly

STEPS™ enables us to deliver solutions which meet user requirements on time and within budget.

Comprehensive support
Once development is completed and a solution is delivered and integrated, our support team ensures that everything continues to run smoothly.

For more information about our custom software development services please contact us today.