Mobile Solutions

Mobile technology is changing the way we do business and extending the traditional desktop beyond its previous limits.

The goal is to deliver content or applications to mobile users over hand held devices giving the user access to corporate data resources on the move.

The solution

Enterprise mobile computing environments present a specific set of mobile device management challenges and mobile eco-systems are developing at an exponential rate. With the proliferation of wireless and connected PDA’s, enterprise handheld applications have new possibilities for cost-savings and efficiency.

At Abilisys we develop innovative wireless software to help you cut costs, boost productivity and generate new revenue. These mobile solutions empower mobile workers, suppliers, and customers with the right information at the right time.

We have a team of experienced developers that can design, implement, and integrate handheld applications of any complexity ranging from advanced user interfaces to networking applications. Our custom iPhone, Pocket PC and Blackberry mobile solutions enable your users in the field to capture data electronically, eliminate process bottlenecks, and retrieve information. This allows your business to operate in real time.

Custom mobile solutions

Getting legacy applications and non-mobile web applications connected to wireless devices is another challenge that we can help solve.

We can help you to realise your vision for a new handheld application. We can assist you at any stage of the project – at the outset with requirements gathering and spec-writing, or halfway through by taking over mid-development, or in the final stages with quality assurance. Our project managers will make sure that your project is on schedule and on budget.

Mobile web

Your web site is developed, it works and everyone is happy. Unless, that is, you are accessing it on a mobile or hand held device. Let us help you deliver your web estate to wireless users in a way that lets them enjoy a user experience appropriate to their access device without the usual problems associated with web sites on hand held mobile devices.

We can deliver content and applications on mobiles phones, smart phones, and PDAs. Our developers understand the intricacies and complexities of wireless software application development – we appreciate the proliferation of devices with different software capabilities and display formats.

It is an area of evolving protocols and emerging standards and we keep abreast of fast changing developments.

Integration with existing applications

Abilisys can integrate a mobile application into your existing applications and databases. Save time and increase efficiency by submitting and/or retrieving information in real-time from the field.


Abilisys can port desktop or web applications to the hand held platform(s) of your choice. We can also port your application from one hand held platform to another (i.e. Palm OS to Pocket PC, or vice versa). Whether we carry out a full porting with code re-use or re-engineering with the benefit of another platform’s source code, porting can save you significant time and money.

Business benefits

  • Enable mobility in existing enterprise applications without compromising integrity and security
  • Fast access to mission-critical data
  • Cost reduction and better profitability
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Improved business performance
  • Real-time enterprise behaviour