CRM for the Security Industry

We are focused on the security sector and over the past 25 years have acted for many clients in the industry in both the UK and the US. These clients providing manned guard services, event security, a range of security consultants and those providing sales and installation of products to the security sector.

Our expertise is based on a deep understanding of the industry and the many challenges faced by security contractors. From the need for sales and marketing through to scheduling, resources and site management. We employ experienced and dedicated software engineers whose real world experience informs our technical solutions. This means that our software is implemented to match industry processes and solves the specific problems that face our
clients in the sector.

Our clients rely on us to understand their business. The rare match of industry specific knowledge with proven software engineering skills enables us to deliver important value added services.


CRM Solutions

  • Sales and opportunity management with reporting and analysis
  • Contract management across clients and individual sites
  • Centralised common processes
  • Contract renewals with reminders, alerts and calendar synchronisation
  • Job costing – incorporate period and one-off quotes collaboration/workflows
  • Report on key performance indicators using wizard driven reports and dashboards
  • Centralised employment records – wages, training, holidays, visa compliance
  • Dashboards and reports to aid job, workforce and payroll management
  • ERP and accounting software integration such as Sage and Sage Payroll