Surface Pro – Now Outlook/Dynamics CRM runs onWindows 8 tablet

27 Jun

With the release of the Microsoft  Surface Pro the ability to install the full version of Microsoft Office on a Windows 8 tablet from Microsoft  has arrived. For users of Dynamics CRM who live with in Outlook/Dynamics this can only be good news. The Dynamics CRM Outlook plug in works perfectly which means that mobile productivity just got better.

There has been plenty of comment on the size of the OS partition and the space it takes from the solid state memory on the Surface. This may be relevant for the 64Gb surface, but for the 128Gb Surface Pro, there is 112Gb free after the OS is taken into account, and after Office is installed there is still plenty of space free for general office use. Best of all the tablet accepts Micro SD cards for additional storage and these are easily available with up to 64Gb storage.

Compared to the Microsoft Surface RT the Surface Pro is a grown up tablet. The Surface RT always came with Office applications, but until very recently there was no Outlook app for the Surface RT. This was a killer for many users. The problem is now resolved – since May there has been a version of Outlook for RT – but it wont work with the same plug-ins that are designed for the full version of Outlook, so no CRM inside Outlook on the Surface RT.


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