SharePoint - Document Management


Sharepoint lets you manage all documents, communications and information from a single platform. Now you can embrace document automation and content management as a strategic business priority.

Abilisys can help you to develop a unified strategy for managing documents throughout the entire organisation using SharePoint.

Create and store documents in a central repository. Add version control and always know you have the most up-to-date information. Revert to a previous version at any time. Searching is fast and intuitive. Never waste time looking for that elusive document again.

Save time with a SharePoint document management system

The problem

Information is being created all the time in emails, reports documents and images. The rate of growth is exponential and this information is stored in any number of disparate systems and storage locations. These range from cloud based email servers and on-premises file servers and right through to mobile phones and USB sticks.

Apart from the questions of data governance that arise from this unstructured approach to storage, one of the main challenges that face staff members every day, is information retrieval. Searching for documents and information and that can't be found quickly is inefficient and even results in duplication of effort when documents are recreated.

The solution

Finding information is time consuming. The heart of a search engine is its ability to get the results you are looking for. With SharePoint 2013 searching is fast and accurate allowing business information to be retrieved with ease.

It allows documents to be created,  tagged, versioned and stored in a strucutured document repository. It is integrated with Office 365, and will deliver productivity gains and make it simple for employees to find, discover and create content with tagging and workflow being an intuitive aid rather than a cumbersome burden. Relevant and reliable content allows businesses to solve problems faster, help customers more effectively and allows people to get on with what they do best.

SharePoint delivers a reliable and scalable platform for your document and content management. As a document management system, it controls the life cycle of documents in your organisation — how they are created, reviewed, published and used as well as how they are disposed of or retained - sharePoint has advanced record management features.

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