A new way to work together in 2015


Every business wants to take full advantage of the resources it already has - its people, its data, and its technologies. Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to keep track of documents, information and activities.

Abilisys can help you to implement SharePoint. Our specialists can show you how SharePoint’s unique strengths can be used to support your people and grow your business in 2015. SharePoint is the place to share ideas, content and information. It’s scalable enough to organise and manage all your information assets but it’s also designed to organise and store documents to enable personal productivity, keep teams in sync, and projects on track.

icon-create-contentCreate Content

Create and organise your content easily using familiar tools and and access it from anywhere.

icon-shareShare Information

Edit your documents using Microsoft Office and in one click share it with a colleague.

icon-findFind Information

Get the right result and find what you’re looking for with intelligent results tailored to your needs.

icon-organiseOrganise Teams

SharePoint helps teams organise their content so that they can work together effectively.

icon-manageManage Documents

Manage all your information assets so you can access everything you need from one place.

icon-protectProtect Content

Protect data and define who can access what information with centralised policies.

icon-businessBusiness Intelligence

Capitalise on trends and opportunities and discover answers to new questions that help drive business value.

icon-cloudBuilt for Cloud

SharePoint is built for the cloud from hosting right through to access on any device.

icon-accessAccess Anywhere

SharePoint is available on your desktop, in a web browser, directly from Office, on your mobile phone and on your tablet.

icon-officeOffice Integration

SharePoint is an ideal solution for Microsoft Office users who want to collaborate and work together.

By supporting document management and collaboration, SharePoint will quickly help you solve challenges around lost productivity, slow turnarounds and outdated IT systems that are difficult to scale.

SharePoint offers across-the-board features to help you share documents and store information—everything from scanning documents and streamlining common tasks, to powering business intelligence.

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