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Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how an organisation's business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve its goals.

Every organisation is different and your SharePoint governance plan must be tailored to the needs of the organisation. Abilisys can help you to implement best practice governance for SharePoint 2013 across the three major areas.

Aspects of SharePoint governance

Your SharePoint governance plan will set out governance policies that address the these three areas and it will be designed to support your organisation’s goals.

Different types of sites require different governance policies: published sites have tighter governance over information management than team sites and personal sites. Generally, the larger the number of people who rely on a SharePoint site for information, the more tightly it is governed.

icon-teamGovernance Team

Depending on the project size and type of organisation, Abilisys recommend that you create a governance team to oversee that Sharepoint deployment.Successful governance is ongoing. The governance committee should meet regularly to review the governance plan, adjust governance policies, and provide reports to the executive sponsors. This process may seem complicated, but the goal is to increase the return on your investment in SharePoint, take full advantage of the usefulness of your SharePoint solution, and improve the productivity of your organisation.

icon-gov-policiesGovernance policies

Your governance policies should support your organisation’s goals and be kept up-to-date as your organisation’s needs change.

icon-searchSearch infrastructure

Having a good search infrastructure helps your users find what they need when they need it. This is essential for user adoption.

icon-life-cycleLife-cycle management

Follow best practices to manage applications and SharePoint customisations so that you can keep your environments in sync.

icon-cust-policyCustomisation policy

Develop a policy to guards against the risks that customisation can introduce risks to the stability, maintenance, and security of the environment.

icon-info-archInformation architecture

The way your business information is organised is important: we will help you to implement an effective taxonomy to support your business solution.

icon-trainingUser training

A comprehensive training plan is essential: the human element is the most important ingredient in the success of a SharePoint deployment.

icon-securitySecurity and Backup

Policies that set out how the system and infrastructure will be maintained and who has access at what levels are essential for business continuity and data protection.


Include branding in your governance plan: consistent branding with a corporate style guide makes for more cohesive-looking sites and easier development.

Abilisys can help you manage your Microsoft SharePoint 2013 governance. Our specialists can show you how to develop and maintain a plan that is tailored to the needs of your organisation. We will help you to use SharePoint’s unique strengths to support your people and grow your business.

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